Complete Magickal, Spiritual & Occult Oils Workbook from A to Z

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Throughout history humankind has come to realize the full potential and benefit of spiritual oils that can bring forth emotional and material things that can alter your life and turn it around in an instant. Furthermore, these oils enhance the ability to connect with spirit realms, arch angels and promote more positive dreams and enhance individual visionary powers. They also protect and purify as well as repel negativity that may be clinging to your aura. The author, Hungarian born psychic Maria D' Andrea, will teach you in this incredible workbook and study guide to: * Remove a Hex, A Jinx or any Crossed condition. * Make someone go away. * Enjoy the "Good Life" -- live on "Easy Street" in radiant health, fully blessed and in complete harmony with the universe. * Utilize the secret properties of Cleopatra Oil. * Mix your own "Come To Me" Oil for a desired lover or to bring back a stray mate. * Apply the "Horn Of Plenty" to attract honor, success and abundance. * Set up a "Black Cat" Candle Spell for your immediate needs.