Magick of Faerie by Cassandra Eason

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From the world of the wee folk to the history and lore of faeries, youäó»ll explore all things fey in this easy-to-use, essential guide. The spirits of earth, water, fire, and airäóîas well as golems and goblins, boggarts and brownies, orcs and ogresäóîhelp us tune into the cycles of nature and work with the amazing magick around us. Through practical spells, rituals, and empowerments, The Magick of Faeries will teach you how to use natural energies and essences for wishes, prosperity, love, protection, personal transformation, and family health and happiness. Learn to identify and connect with over a hundred nature spirits, including the local spirits who share your home and guard sacred places. Explore the Treasury of Faerie Wisdom, a collection of useful information that will help you understand the structure of fey magick and create your own rituals. Cassandra Easonäó»s comprehensive book is your key to living in harmony with the incredible beings of nature.