Numerology Updated (hc) by Rosemaree Templeton

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Our universe, our world, every living thing is governed by a number äóñ the trees, flowers and grass all have a numbered sequence in the petals, leaves and the way they grow. Of all living things, humans are the only species who look for guidance in their lives. Numerology is the perfect practical tool to give comfort and support with a strong reference point. This book will show you how to prepare numerology readings for yourself, your family and your friends by calculating and interpreting your ruling number, day number and destiny number. You will learn how to draw up and read birthdates, name charts and pyramid charts that map peaks and troughs throughout your life according to the Pythagorean method. This updated edition also includes Ruling Number 33/6 as a Master Number. Numerology is a clear and comprehensive guide, written for both beginners and serious students who want to take their numerology studies further. 5 1/2 x 8 1/4, 272 pages, Hardcover. Updated 6th edition.