Positively Positive Spell Book by D'Andrea & Dragonstar

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Though known most popularly as the äóìMoney Psychic,äó? Hungarian born Maria Däó»Andrea is actually an expert in many occult practices. She is a clairvoyant, a shaman, a card reader, a remote viewer, a scryer, a humble prophet, a spiritual adviser and a caster of positive spells. Maria D' Andrea is offering for the first time her most inspirational words of wisdom and advise. Along with co-author Dragonstar, the leader of an ancient secret order with roots in Atlantis, you will find these pages full of the most rewarding rituals and inspirational spells that will have you dancing around the room on your tipi toes. Here is how Maria says these spells work: äóìIf you find yourself angry, upset, sad or dwelling on the negatives in your life, simply repeat the word äóÖcanceläó» several times, open the pages of this book and follow along and repeat after me!äó? There are spells for good luck, for love, for coming into money. Also to ensure safe travel, success in business, to release negativity, obtain äóìfreedomäó? in a court case, remove curses and for cleansing your house. äóìAnd believe it or not I have even included a spell for computer protection,äó? notes the Long Island sensitive who has become a popular figure on talk shows such as Coast to Coast AM.