Sacred Power in your Name by Ted Andrews

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When youäó»re born, youäó»re given your own individual magical wordäóîyour name. It holds the keys to your souläó»s energies and abilities. If you come to know and use your name properly, you can uncover your souläó»s purpose, manifest abundance, and open up to unlimited possibilities. The Sacred Power in Your Name includes entries for nearly two hundred names with meanings, affirmations, sound and chakra elements, and meditations. Using the techniques and information in this book, you will be able to: Analyze the sounds and rhythms of your name Transform your name into a magical incantation Awaken creative energies related to your name Create an inner talisman äó¢ Discover your purpose in life äó¢ Use your name for empowerment and healing Your name is your direct link to the infinite possibilities of the universe. In this book, you will discover new worlds and wonders as you uncover the true power of your very own magical word.