CD: Hooded Man: Celtic Harp Music by Jerry Marchand

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Inspired by tales of Robin Hood and Maid Marian, Celtic harpist Marchand presents fourteen soft and gentle instrumentals which describe "The Blessing of Sherwood Forest" and other scenes from Nottingham in days of old. Featuring 25-, 36- and 38-string harps accompanied by violin, acoustic guitar, flute and keyboards, the music flows effortlessly and gives rise to reveries of sun dappled, verdant clearings where clandestine lovers meet and dance in homage to the Green Man. Due to his emotive technique -- particularly on the wire strung harp -- Marchand's original compositions rate as highly as the two traditional numbers included, "Cutting of the Fern" and "Child Grove." Taken altogether, this is a supremely pleasant, consistently relaxing listening experience well suited for massage or other introspective pursuits. 14 Tracks.